In the 1990's in St-Jean, the Barré family, motivated by their passion for animals, decided to create a store that offered both a professional pet shop and a complete line of food and accessories.

Following their success, four other stores soon opened in Chambly, Ste-Julie, St-Bruno and St-Luc. Over the years, the stores were sold to independent owners who kept the Tropicazoo spirit alive.

In 2003, the Marc-Aurèle family acquired the stores and gave a new lease on life to the company, which now has 7 stores on the South Shore of Montreal.


Always listening to its customers, Tropicazoo is expanding its service offering to include:

  • Online store with free delivery
  • Experienced groomers
  • Pet sitting for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and rodents
  • Loyalty program with bonus tickets
  • Interesting promotions and discounts


The training of our staff in nutrition and animal welfare, as well as the transmission of information from our various suppliers and collaborators, allow our teams to offer you sound advice.

Tropicazoo now has more than 35 consultants in stores who all have pets tattooed on their hearts!

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the history of our pet shop on Montreal’s South Shore.

Management team


Sylvain Marc-Aurèle



Valérie Boyer

Executive Director

Our engagement

  • Your satisfaction in all respects
  • Ongoing training for our staff to respond to your questions and needs.
  • Healthy animals and quality products
  • A large inventory that meets your needs
  • We don't have it in store? We will do the necessary research to find what you are looking for.

Our pet store Tropicazoo!

Tropicazoo is the reference of the pet store for all your pets.

Come visit us on the south shore of Montreal or find everything you are looking for directly online.

Here is a list of the animals that we receive regularly.

Boston terrier, chihuahua, pomeranian, pug, golden retriever, golden doodle, labrador, shetland, crossbreeds of several breeds.


Domestic, Siamese, Persian, Abyssinian.


Parakeet, serene, canary, lovebirds, conures, finches, all.


Wild birds
Several grain formulas for outdoor birds as well as several feeders or waterers for them.


Red, betta, tetra, oviparous (cichlids, angels, Africans, etc.), viviparous (guppy, molly, platy, swordtail, etc.). Other species on order, if available.


Mouse, rat, hamster, guinea pig, dwarf rabbit, ram rabbit, degu (degu), jerboa, ferret.


Reptiles and insects
Scorpion, water dragon, gecko (different varieties available), snake, bearded dragon, tarantula, etc.


You can also visit our online store.

Our online pet store site has several products ranging from online pet food, to toys, accessories and environment-related products for all your pets.

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