Free Local Delivery & Delivery Policies

FREE SHIPPING with any purchase of $ 40 or more before taxes, within 5 km of one of our stores.

For any customer living on the South Shore of Montreal, a minimum purchase of C $ 40.00 HT is required. The automatic application of this delivery method relates to your postal code and your proximity to one of our branches within 5 km. In order to assume no costs, please make sure to check "Free Local Delivery" when selecting the sender. Unfortunately, some postal codes cover areas much larger than 5 km from one of our stores. In these specific cases, you will be contacted by telephone by a member of customer service. At this time it will be up to you to accept (and make an additional transfer) or to refuse these charges. Following a refusal, the order will be cancelled and a full refund will be made.

List of postal codes:

  • J2W
  • J4H
  • J4K
  • J5B
  • H4C
  • J4P
  • H3C
  • H3K
  • J4R
  • J5C
  • J4S
  • J4G
  • J4J
  • G7A
  • J3Z
  • J4W
  • H4Y
  • H1A
  • J4X
  • J4V
  • H3E
  • J0L
  • H7T
  • J4T
  • G8Y
  • J4Y
  • J4L
  • J3B
  • J5A
  • J4N
  • J4B
  • H9S
  • J4Z
  • H8T
  • J4M
  • J0V
  • J2S
  • J3X
  • J3E
  • H2K
  • G6Z
  • H1B
  • J3L
  • J6A
  • J3V
  • G9B
  • J3H
  • J2Y
  • J2X
  • H7E
  • H1W
  • H2Y
  • H1T
  • J5K
  • J3G
  • J7Y
  • J3N
  • J5Y
  • J7Z
  • H7A
  • J6K
  • J3A
  • J3M
  • H4G

outside of the south shore of Montreal Delivery 

For all customer living outside of the South Shore of Montreal and under 40.00$C HT.

Minimum fees of 10$ are will be automatically charge and may be higher distance or excessive weight. Before invoicing any extra charge, a customer service employee will call you. If the extra charge doesn’t meet yours expects, you will be free to cancel your order and we will give you a 100% refund.

Delivery Schedule

When you place an order, a customer service employee will call you. You will be able to schedule de best time for your delivery. 

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